• Ticker code: GHT

  • A total of $500,000,000 GHT is the maximum issuance for this ERC-20 FT issued on the Astar zkEVM.

  • As a governance token, it plays a crucial role in the HEAL-III ecosystem.

  • Users can withdraw GHT acquired within the app by exchanging it for $GHT.

  • You can deposit the $GHT you get on the exchange as GHT in the App.

Utilities of GHT

  1. Use for in-app activities For Cleaning, Level UP, Evolution Mint, Enhance Mint, Broken, Mission Participation and Store Exchange.

  2. Use for in-app lock function By locking a specific amount of GHT within the app, users gain access to exclusive missions. These limited-time missions are held periodically, and the rewards upon successful completion vary based on the locked amount.

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