HEAL3 is a healthcare app that utilizes blockchain technology, born in 2022. Our purpose is to strive towards "HEALTHY and WEALTHY (-living a healthy and prosperous life-)," working every day to offer this to a greater number of people. Currently, the increase in lifestyle-related diseases is leading to a continuous expansion of medical expenses, posing a societal issue in Japan. Despite the comprehensive social insurance system in the country, preventive healthcare in the pre-disease stage is not widely adopted.

Various companies and governmental bodies are developing software aimed at preventive healthcare, yet none have achieved significant success thus far. HEAL3 distinguishes itself from existing healthcare software by leveraging blockchain technology, offering a unique approach to services. Our goal is for users to enjoy using HEAL3, naturally cultivating healthy habits. We aim to build a state where users effortlessly develop enjoyable and healthy routines, fostering a positive lifestyle.

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