โ›”Anti-Cheating System

Anti-Cheating System


As we are on a mission to establish healthy habits, cheating behavior is one of the key issues that must be addressed. We will take action against cheating behavior on an ongoing basis.

Validation for Move to earn

  • If it is considered an invalid move, the UHT will not be earned.

  • The main determinants of whether a movement is invalid or not are the speed at which it moves and the movement of the device. It is basically designed for walking, jogging, and running.

  • The accuracy of GPS depends on the terrain, surrounding buildings, and the receiving device, and it is difficult at this stage to control everything correctly, but we will continue to work on this.

Note: Please be aware that if we see any suspicious activity, we may investigate and analyze the data in detail.

Validation for Sleep to earn

Coming Soon...

Validation for Eat to earn

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